Steve Bauer has performed on the piano, keyboards and vocals since the age of four. His career has spanned decades in New York City, Los Angeles and Philadelphia night clubs, resorts, country clubs, corporate/private party events & recording studios as a solo artist, accompanist and member of a variety of music acts and acting ensembles. He has extensive training and experience in the performance and audio recording aspects of the entertainment business.

While providing piano bar entertainment in New York City, L.A. and Philadelphia, Steve began incorporating interactive comedy routines and skits which were written by Steve and then performed with audiences participation. The interactive entertainment grew in popularity, long before the advent of “reality shows”, Steve Bauer Entertainment was already established and providing music and comedy entertainment for audiences all along the east coast including: participation skits, murder mysteries, trivia & game shows, talent contests, team building activities, and of course, piano.

Steve owned and operated “Music Tracks” at The King of Prussia Mall in Pennsylvania – booths were set up for cassette recordings. A mobile recording studio was also set up and taken to area nightclubs, schools, organizations and fundraising events.